How to Increase Conversion Rates with Better Product Content

Today customers are very apt and sure about what they want to buy and what exactly they are looking for when they come to the stores or visit a website. They want to find the right product with the right price and perfect features. When a visitor visits your website and they browse about the products that you have to offer. How do you think they make the decision? Do they simply look and purchase what they feel is the picture-perfect thing? or do you think they contemplate before placing an order. There were times when people used to simply purchase items on suggestions of others and what they felt appealed to them most. Websites therefore were never much concerned about the kind of relevant stuff they were putting up on the websites. Majority of the times, they posted the item with its prices and felt it was enough.

Today customers look at the details first and according to their own knowledge try to judge the product matching it against the details that are present. Once they find that they can find the satisfying details that they were looking for they make the purchase. This clarifies that how important it has become for the companies to start focusing on their Product content that they are putting up on the Conversion rate.

Things that should be considered when developing the product content are as follows:

  • Highlighting and specifying the key features of the product. With special emphasis on the most important feature and the most demanded features.
  • Clear indication of whether or not the product is in stock or not.
  • Clear emphasis on the warranty time period of the product and what parts of the product are under warranty or if the whole product is under the warranty coverage.
  • The product details should include what will be the time for delivery of the product.
  • Shipping charges should be clearly indicated.
  • A FAQ specific to the products should be included. This will help the customer understand that you are actually looking to sell the product and want the customer to make the purchase.
  • The product content should contain high quality photos from different angles as this will help in being visually pleasing to the customers.
  • Include customer reviews. This is very important as people like to buy things that they feel has been reviewed highly by others.