5 Tactics to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rates

These days there is incredibly tough competition in the eCommerce  conversion rates world. Online retail stores are popping up left, right and centre every single day. Here are 5 tactics which can help you become a top competitor within your online retailing race:

1. Brand Name and Loyalty Development

The first major thing you need to focus on is developing your brand name so that you become distinguishable amongst the immense competition in the realm of online retailing. The brand name should be at the forefront and the company should develop it’s about me page and should link everything to its brand. The brand should also have a message which they weave into all their copy. The customer service department should also be top notch as this department helps retain customers and turn them into loyal customers.

2. User Friendly Website

These days people access the internet through a myriad of different devices; cell phones, laptops, computers and tablets. However, you only have one website. You need to ensure that the website is user friendly; has a great interface and is easy to navigate through. The website should be compatible with every kind of device so users can access it through their tablet, phone or laptop.

3. Easy Navigation

The website should be easy to navigate by someone who has never been to your website before. The font should be easy to read and there should be a sensible order to the items on the website. The menu should be drop down and should have all the contents on the website listed on it. There should be clear signage and big fonts for important aspects. Overall, the website should be aesthetically pleasing.

4. Top Notch Product Pages

This should be a no-brainer! The product pages need to be amazing; the product copy and the pictures need to capture the customers’ attention. You need to ensure the copy is detailed but not too long winded as you might end up losing their attention. The pictures should be high resolution.

5. Easy Check Out Process

Make the check out process for your website as easy as possible. Do not ask customers to register with your website or provide too much information other than their billing information since this may infuriate them and make them abandon their cart. Always give your customers a choice in volunteering to making an account or giving information. The process should be quick, simple and convenient for both parties.