10 Tips for Mastering E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization

The effectiveness of any e-commerce site comes down to one metric, conversion rate. This is why every perceptive online retailer wants to soar to stratospheric levels of conversion. Mastering conversion optimization is the only way to get there.

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Here, we present you 10 tips to help you master e-commerce CRO in 2017.

1. Work on core messaging

To increase conversion rate, connect with your customers on an emotional level. Convince them to pledge loyalty to your brand. You can do this by highlighting your brand’s purpose and core values on your homepage.

2. Optimize your product page

The key to a good product page is clearly displayed products with informative descriptions. Use high-quality imagery, video and compelling, thorough yet succinct descriptions. Make your product pages visually appealing while including very clear calls to action.

3. Improve your site performance

In CRO, speed is king. Slow websites are conversion killers, so you need to reduce your site’s load time for both desktop and mobile users. Three factors influence a website’s load time:

–    Browser rendering

–     Network transmission

–    Server computation

4. Optimize your site for mobile

To stay ahead of your competition, make sure that your website content is formatted for mobile consumption. Design a layout that suits shoppers browsing with their thumbs and looks visually appealing on their mobile devices.

5. Optimize your On-site search

You can increase conversion rate by making search boxes a core navigation tool on your E-commerce site. Make them more prominent and effective.  You can also optimize search by employing advanced third-party solutions like Celbros that can handle complex queries.

6. Eliminate hidden charges

The leading cause of shopping cart abandonment is hidden charges. Clearly, list all charges on the product page from discounts to shipping charges if any. Ambushing shoppers with added costs as they check out is bad for conversion.

7. Build trust with independent reviews

Traditional forms of marketing no longer impress online shoppers. They want feedback from other customers. Invest in tools such as Trustpilot and Feefo to collect independent reviews from customers and display them in your store and on Google.

8. Bring out the uniqueness of your business

To thrive in the cutthroat world of e-commerce, you must effectively communicate your unique value proposition to your customers. Tell them what makes your brand better than the rest.

9. Make navigation easy

Make it easy for your visitors to navigate from the start to the end of the e-commerce funnel. You can achieve this by removing clutter from your pages. Make use of mega menus and breadcrumbs to help your visitors navigate your site with ease.

10. Make the checkout process easy and transparent

Incorporating visual cues to help shoppers orient themselves during checkout is reassuring. Highlight any special offer such as free shipping on the checkout page and follow up emails to tempt shoppers who may be sitting on the fence.